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The Power of Data in Hiring and Marketing: Insights from Jonathan Porter-Wissman

Jonathan Porter-Wissman, author of "The Sales Boss," discusses the secrets to hiring and managing a successful sales team. The team discusses the challenges of finding good hires ...

Navigating the College Recruitment Process: Tips for Student Athletes and Parents

In this episode, we discuss the college recruitment process for student-athletes, including the different divisions of collegiate sports, the skills and experience that can be ...

Cora Liebig: Making the future, any way you'd want

You know the old saying, never judge a book by its cover? Meet Cora. Mother of four, appreciator of dad jokes, likes baseball. Oh, and she's completely reinvented three different ...

From Fire Captain to Founder: Tim Smith's Journey with HeartCert

In this episode of Dial It In, Dave and Trygve interview Tim Smith from HeartCert, a Twin Cities Fire Captain and EMT. Tim shares insights on process improvements and tricks for ...

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