Breaking Barriers and Building Businesses

In this episode of Dial It In, Dave and Trygve interview Buffie Blesi, the founder and CEO of Rock What You Got. Buffie is a social enterprise entrepreneur who is known for her energy and ability to crush any business challenge. While she may not be a mystical creature killer like Buffie from the popular TV show, she is definitely a force to be reckoned with in the business world. Tune in to hear Buffie insights on growing a successful organization and embracing your destiny.

Show Notes:
00:04:23 Rock What You Got empowers women through entertainment.
00:08:03 Equity promotes equal opportunities for all.
00:18:38 Embrace discomfort for growth.
00:24:43 Embrace uncertainty and embrace change.
00:25:12 Embrace risk and trust yourself.
00:35:29 Funeral industry needs innovation.
00:37:11 Funeral livestreaming is important.
00:43:30 Importance of professional services.
00:50:01 Take risks and embrace change.

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Buffie Blesi is the founder and CEO of Rock What You Got, a social enterprise that focuses on driving gender equity through stage and story. With 15 years of experience in the industry, Buffie has made a name for herself as a talented entrepreneur and a master networker.

Rock What You Got is a multifaceted organization that leverages stage and story to empower women. Under their nonprofit arm, the Rock What You Got Fund, they organize pay gap shows that feature women in various forms of entertainment such as comedy, music, theater, and spoken word. These shows not only provide a platform for women to showcase their talents but also serve as a means to address gender equity issues. Through a concept called "edutainment," Rock What You Got combines entertainment and education to raise awareness about the challenges that women still face in achieving gender equality.

In addition to their stage work, Rock What You Got also operates Rock Story Studios, a film production company. They offer full-service video production, including commercial work, social media clips, podcasts, audiobooks, and more. The studio itself is a beautiful space that welcomes other creative individuals and community members to utilize its facilities.

Buffie Blesi's passion for empowering women and promoting gender equity is evident in her work with Rock What You Got. She is dedicated to creating opportunities for women to shine and address the lingering issues that hinder gender equality. With her unqualified amounts of energy and talent, Buffie is a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

Overall, Buffie Blesi and Rock What You Got are making a significant impact on the business world and the fight for gender equity. Through their stage shows and film production, they are providing women with a platform to showcase their talents and address important issues. Buffie's dedication and passion for her work are truly admirable, and she continues to inspire others with her entrepreneurial spirit.