David Weinhaus: 15 years at HubSpot and creating a community

David Weinhaus, a 15-year veteran of HubSpot, recently appeared on the "Dial It In" podcast to share his sales secrets and insights gained from his time at the company. Weinhaus's experience at HubSpot spans across various departments, where he played a crucial role in the company's growth and success.



In this special episode of "Dial It In," we had the pleasure of hosting David Weinhaus, a former HubSpot veteran, who recently made a significant career transition after 15 years. David shared his extensive experience and insights into the evolution of sales and marketing, particularly focusing on the growth and impact of HubSpot during his tenure.

David recounted his journey from joining HubSpot when it was just a budding company with around 140 employees, to leaving when it had grown to approximately 8,000. He played a pivotal role in developing HubSpot's partner program and later, the transformative Project Lion, which redefined sales training within the HubSpot community.

Throughout the episode, David emphasized the importance of community and empathy in sales, reflecting on how these elements have been integral to his approach and success. He also discussed the future of sales in the context of emerging AI technologies and his plans to explore the intersection of community building and sales further.

As we bid farewell to David in his professional transition, we also gleaned valuable lessons on the power of community and the human touch in the increasingly digital landscape of sales.

Listeners can look forward to understanding the nuances of building a successful partner program and the evolution of sales training methodologies that adapt to changing technologies and market demands.



00:01:18 - Guest Introduction: David Weinhaus
Introduction of the guest, David Weinhaus, and his background at HubSpot.

00:02:29 - David M. Weinhaus's Top Three M Words
David shares his top three words starting with 'M' and expresses his excitement about the podcast.

00:03:09 - Sales Influence and Learning
Discussion on sales techniques and learning from each other within the sales community.

00:04:06 - David Weinhaus's Start at HubSpot
David recounts his career journey and how he started working at HubSpot.

00:06:34 - HubSpot's Growth and Employee Numbers
David discusses the growth of HubSpot during his tenure and the increase in employee numbers.

00:07:48 - Evolution of Sales and Marketing
David talks about the changes in sales and marketing practices over the years.

00:09:36 - HubSpot's Culture and Impact
Discussion on HubSpot's culture document and its impact on the company and employees.

00:12:20 - David's Transition from Sales to Partner Program
David explains his transition from direct sales to working in HubSpot's Partner Program.

00:16:56 - Explanation of HubSpot's Partner Program
David provides a detailed explanation of the objectives and benefits of HubSpot's Partner Program.

00:18:57 - Early Days in the Partner Program
David describes his initial roles and responsibilities within the Partner Program.

00:22:06 - Project Lion Introduction
Introduction to Project Lion, a sales enablement initiative started by David and his colleague.

00:24:39 - Scaling Project Lion
Discussion on the expansion of Project Lion and its impact on sales training.

00:28:46 - Sponsor Break
Brief intermission for sponsor messages.

00:30:14 - Community Building in Sales
David and the hosts discuss the importance of community in sales and its transformative impact.

00:35:04 - The Role of Community in Sales Success
Further insights into how community support enhances sales performance and personal connections.

00:38:12 - Expansion and Impact of Bootcamps
David reflects on the growth and success of the sales bootcamps he helped develop.

00:41:17 - David's Approach to Creating Sales Curriculum
David shares his methodology and influences in developing effective sales training programs.

00:43:37 - David's Departure from HubSpot and Future Plans
David discusses his reasons for leaving HubSpot and his plans for the future, including potential ventures in sales coaching and community building.

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