From Marketing Agency to MLM: Tena Pettis' Journey into Network Marketing




This episode of Dial It In features Tena Pettis, a successful entrepreneur who transitioned from running a design and digital agency to working in multi-level marketing. Tena's journey includes bringing her husband home from corporate work and now focuses on helping other women succeed in the industry. Tune in to hear about Tena's decision to make this career shift and the insights she gained along the way.

Exploring the World of Multi-Level Marketing with Tena Pettis

Welcome to another episode of Dial It In, where we dive into the world of business growth strategies and personal development. In this episode, we had the pleasure of speaking with Tena Pettis, a successful entrepreneur who transitioned from owning a marketing agency to working in the multi-level marketing industry with doTERRA. Tena shared her journey, insights, and tips for success in the network marketing space.


Tena's journey into multi-level marketing began when a neighbor introduced her to the concept. Initially hesitant, Tena eventually joined doTERRA and found success by leveraging her existing business network. She emphasized the importance of choosing a product you truly believe in and building relationships with customers and team members.

Tena's approach to network marketing focused on coaching and supporting her team members, emphasizing personal growth and community building. She highlighted the value of ongoing education, team retreats, and regular meetings to foster a strong network of advocates.

Throughout the conversation, Tena discussed the differences between legacy companies like doTERRA and newer, less stable ventures in the network marketing industry. She stressed the importance of aligning with a reputable company with quality products and a sustainable business model.

Next Steps

If you are considering entering the world of multi-level marketing, here are some key takeaways and next steps to help you navigate this industry effectively:

  1. Choose a Product You Love: Before diving into network marketing, ensure that you genuinely love the product you will be promoting. Passion for the product will make it easier to share and sell to others.

  2. Build Relationships: Focus on building strong relationships with customers and team members. Personal connections and trust are essential in network marketing.

  3. Educate Yourself: Stay informed about the company you are joining, its products, and the compensation plan. Understanding the business model and structure is crucial for success.

  4. Expand Beyond Your Warm Market: While starting with friends and family is common, don't limit yourself to just your warm market. Explore ways to reach out to a broader audience and grow your network.

  5. Seek Mentorship: Consider working with a mentor or coach who has experience in network marketing. Their guidance and support can help you navigate the challenges and opportunities in the industry.

  6. Stay Committed: Network marketing requires dedication and persistence. Stay committed to your goals and continue learning and growing in the field.

In conclusion, Tena's journey from traditional marketing to multi-level marketing showcases the potential for success in this industry. By following her advice and taking proactive steps, you can position yourself for growth and achievement in the world of network marketing.

For more insights and updates from Tena Pettis, you can follow her on Instagram at @TenaPettis and Shine Essentials for her doTERRA business. Stay tuned for more episodes of Dial It In as we explore the strategies and stories of successful entrepreneurs.

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Show Notes:
00:05 - Introduction to Dial It In Podcast
00:22 - Tena Pettis' Career Shift
01:03 - Sales and Marketing Discussion
01:25 - Tena's Agency and Transition to MLM
02:08 - Guest Introduction: Tena Padas
02:25 - Tena's Journey to Network Marketing
03:41 - The Decision to Close Tenacious
05:15 - Tena's Approach to Network Marketing
06:07 - A Pivotal Moment for Tena
07:28 - The Impact of Closing Tenacious
08:25 - The Hair Salon Story
09:02 - Understanding MLM and Direct Sales
10:16 - The Difference Between MLM and Pyramid Schemes
11:02 - Recruiting New Members in MLM
12:01 - The Business Model of MLM
13:02 - Choosing the Right MLM Company
14:25 - Compensation Structures in MLM
15:16 - Regulatory Aspects of MLM
17:02 - The Ethics of MLM
18:14 - Marketing Strategies in MLM
19:06 - The Importance of Product Quality in MLM
20:10 - The Role of Personal Relationships in MLM
21:14 - Sponsor Message: BusyWeb
22:43 - The Ideal MLM Candidate
23:31 - Ethical Concerns in MLM
24:52 - Marketing Tips for MLM Success
25:15 - Finding MLM Products and Opportunities
26:03 - The Importance of Coaching in MLM
27:38 - Exiting an MLM Opportunity
28:54 - Starting in Network Marketing
30:25 - Personal Development in MLM
31:42 - Advice for Those Considering MLM
32:53 - Tena's Return to Marketing Business