Navigating the CMO Landscape: Insights from Bryan Smith on Marketing with Heart

This episode of Dial It In features Dave and Trygve discussing the simplicity in marketing and the importance of targeting the right audience with the right message. They are joined by Bryan from Tune Consulting, a fractional chief marketing officer, who shares insights on humanizing marketing and achieving great results. Tune in for a nostalgic conversation about rediscovering old songs and connecting with classic marketing strategies.



In the latest episode of the Dial It In podcast, Dave Meyer and Trygve Olsen sat down with Bryan Smith, the founder of Tuned Consulting, to discuss the importance of simplicity, community engagement, and brand affinity in marketing. The episode delved into Bryan's experience as a fractional Chief Marketing Officer and highlighted a successful marketing campaign he led during his tenure at a floor cleaning machine manufacturer, Tenant.

Synopsis of the Episode

The episode kicked off with a discussion about the power of simplicity in marketing, inspired by an old Joe Cocker song that Bryan rediscovered. The conversation then shifted to Bryan's journey as a fractional CMO and the challenges he faced, including imposter syndrome and the need to define his niche. Bryan shared insights into the origin of Tuned Consulting, drawing parallels between tuning music, cars, and marketing strategies.

The highlight of the episode was Bryan's recounting of a successful marketing campaign he led at Tenant, focusing on recognizing and celebrating school custodians. The campaign, which involved engaging with the community and highlighting unsung heroes, garnered over 2,000 nominations and earned significant media coverage. Bryan emphasized the importance of listening to customers, empathy, and community engagement in creating impactful marketing campaigns.

Lessons Learned and Next Steps

Lessons Learned:

  1. Community Engagement: The success of the janitorial campaign showcased the power of community engagement and highlighting unsung heroes.

  2. Empathy and Curiosity: Listening to customers, understanding their needs, and showing empathy can lead to impactful marketing initiatives.

  3. Brand Affinity: Building brand affinity through storytelling and community involvement can have a lasting impact on brand perception and customer loyalty.

  4. Sales Alignment: Aligning marketing efforts with sales goals and providing sales teams with compelling stories can enhance customer engagement and drive revenue.

Next Steps:

  1. Focus on Brand Building: Emphasize the importance of brand building and storytelling in marketing strategies to create lasting connections with customers.

  2. Community-Centric Campaigns: Continue to develop community-centric marketing campaigns that resonate with customers and highlight the human side of the brand.

  3. Sales Enablement: Further align marketing efforts with sales goals by providing sales teams with compelling narratives and tools to engage customers effectively.

  4. Measurement and Attribution: Explore ways to measure the impact of marketing campaigns on revenue generation and customer acquisition to demonstrate the value of marketing initiatives.

In conclusion, the episode with Bryan Smith provided valuable insights into the power of community engagement, brand affinity, and storytelling in marketing. By listening to customers, showing empathy, and creating impactful campaigns, marketers can build strong brand connections and drive revenue growth. Moving forward, a focus on brand building, community-centric campaigns, sales alignment, and measurement will be key to driving marketing success.

Stay tuned for more insightful discussions on process improvements and marketing strategies on the Dial It In podcast. Don't forget to connect with Bryan Smith on Tuned Consulting and LinkedIn to learn more about his marketing expertise and initiatives.



00:00:21 - Nostalgic Music Moments
Discussion about how old songs bring back memories and influence personal and professional life.

00:01:23 - Guest Introduction: Brian from Toon Consulting
Introduction of the guest, Brian, who runs a fractional chief marketing officer organization, and a brief on his approach to marketing.

00:02:07 - Music and Focus
Brian shares his experience with music helping him focus at work, leading to a broader discussion on personal music preferences for concentration.

00:03:14 - Transitioning to Fractional CMO
Brian talks about his transition from corporate marketing to starting his own business as a fractional CMO.

00:04:59 - Origin of "Tuned Consulting"
Brian explains the inspiration behind the name and focus of his company, Tuned Consulting.

00:06:12 - Personal Hobbies: Vintage Jaguars
Brian discusses his hobby of collecting and restoring vintage Jaguars, highlighting the importance of having tangible hobbies.

00:07:35 - Importance of Tangible Hobbies for Creatives
Further discussion on how physical hobbies like woodworking and car restoration help in creative and professional fields.

00:10:30 - Overcoming Imposter Syndrome
Brian shares his struggles with imposter syndrome since starting his own business and how he deals with it.

00:12:43 - Defining Marketing Focus and Niche
Brian talks about refining his marketing services and finding a niche in professional services and manufacturing.

00:14:26 - The Role of a Fractional CMO
Exploration of the challenges and responsibilities of a fractional CMO in aligning sales, marketing, and product management.

00:19:04 - Marketing Metrics vs. Revenue Impact
Discussion on the importance of focusing on revenue-generating activities in marketing rather than just metrics.

00:21:10 - Importance of Branding and Community Engagement
Brian recounts a successful branding campaign that involved community engagement and its impact on brand perception.

00:26:08 - Highlighting a Successful Marketing Campaign
Brian shares a case study from his tenure at Tenant Company, focusing on a community-centric marketing campaign.

00:34:39 - Earned Media and Its Impact
Discussion on the concept of earned media and its significant impact on brand visibility and credibility.

00:37:44 - Lessons Learned from Community-Centric Campaigns
Brian and the hosts discuss the key takeaways from focusing on community and empathy in marketing campaigns.

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