Navigating the Complex World of Domain Names with Andrew Alleman

This episode of Dial It In features guest Andrew Alleman, founder of, discussing the importance of domain names in marketing. Andrew shares insights on the domain name industry and its relevance for businesses and individuals. Tune in to learn why getting your domain name right is crucial for your online presence and marketing strategy.



Welcome to another episode of Dial It In, where we dive deep into the world of domain names and their significance in the online business landscape. In this episode, we had the pleasure of hosting Andrew Alleman, the founder and editor of, a leading source of news and insights in the domain name industry. Andrew shared valuable insights on the importance of domain names, the process of acquiring them, and the potential pitfalls to avoid.


The episode began with a discussion on the critical role domain names play in marketing and branding. Dave and Trigg emphasized the importance of owning your domain name to avoid potential issues in the future. Andrew shared his journey into the domain name industry, starting from his college days to founding in 2005. He highlighted the various aspects of domain investing, the domain name industry ecosystem, and the factors to consider when choosing a domain name for your business.

The conversation delved into the technical aspects of domain names, including top-level domains, second-level domains, and the importance of passing the radio test to ensure easy recall and spelling. Andrew also shed light on the domain name investment industry, citing examples of high-value domain sales and the factors that influence domain pricing. The discussion touched on the challenges of domain name ownership, including renewals, expiration, and potential risks associated with letting domains expire.

The episode took a humorous turn as the hosts and Andrew explored some infamous examples of domain names that could be misinterpreted due to capitalization or spacing, highlighting the importance of careful consideration when choosing a domain name. The conversation concluded with a reminder to own your domain name and the significance of domain ownership in maintaining control over your online presence.

Next Steps

As a business owner or marketer, the insights shared in this episode offer valuable guidance for navigating the world of domain names. Here are some key takeaways and next steps to consider:

  1. Own Your Domain: Ensure that you own your domain name to maintain control over your online presence and avoid potential issues in the future.

  2. Choose Wisely: When selecting a domain name for your business, consider factors such as memorability, spelling, and passing the radio test to ensure easy recall and accessibility.

  3. Renew Early: Stay on top of domain renewals and consider renewing your domain name for multiple years to avoid expiration and potential loss of ownership.

  4. Avoid Misinterpretations: Be mindful of how your domain name could be interpreted, especially in terms of capitalization or spacing, to prevent any unintended meanings.

  5. Consult Experts: If you're unsure about domain name selection or ownership, consider consulting domain name experts or professionals to guide you through the process.

In conclusion, domain names are a crucial aspect of your online identity and branding. By understanding the nuances of domain name selection, ownership, and management, you can establish a strong online presence for your business and avoid potential pitfalls in the digital realm.

Stay tuned for more insightful episodes of Dial It In, where we bring you expert advice and tips on optimizing your business processes and strategies for growth.

Remember, your domain name is your digital storefront - make sure it represents your brand effectively and resonates with your target audience.


Show Notes:

02:36 Excitement about domain names.
04:45 Domain name investors and intellectual property.
10:04 Domain name metrics and tools.
12:39 New Domain Name Extensions.
15:33 Domain names and country codes.
22:19 Factors for buying a domain.
25:30 Amazon's generational perception shift.
30:27 Multiple domain names strategy.
34:55 Expensive domain name sales.
36:52 Domain name mishaps.
39:13 Domain name expiration process.
43:39 Domain name mishaps.
48:02 Creative domain naming strategies.
01:14:52 My pleasure. Thanks for having me, guys.

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