Networking Mastery: Turning Connections into Success with Cathy Paper

This episode features a conversation about the importance of networking in business. The hosts recall how they initially met and share a humorous anecdote about a panel discussion. They then introduce networking expert Cathy, highlighting her skills in connecting people effectively. The discussion dives into the art of networking and the value of building relationships in the business world. Tune in for insights and tips on navigating networking in both scripted and unscripted settings.


In today's episode, we had the pleasure of welcoming Cathy Paper, a networking expert who has mastered the art of making connections. Our conversation began with a humorous recollection of how Dave and I first met during a panel discussion where we ironically didn't get to speak much but ended up networking with each other.

We delved into the importance of networking in business, discussing how it's not just a tool but the driver for growth and success. Cathy shared her insights on how to network effectively, emphasizing the need to have clear goals and to understand oneself in order to communicate value to others.

We also touched on the common discomfort people feel towards networking and how to overcome it by starting with the relationships you already have and expanding from there. Cathy highlighted the significance of being strategic about where and how you spend your networking time.

During the break, we heard from our sponsor, BusyWeb, which offers digital marketing solutions for business service and manufacturing businesses.

After the break, we discussed practical networking strategies, including how to approach someone at an event and the importance of follow-up using tools like CRMs. Cathy shared a personal success story, illustrating how networking can be seamlessly integrated into activities you enjoy, like golf or pickleball.

We wrapped up the episode with Cathy offering advice on how to be seen as a reliable and valuable connection in your network and where listeners can find her for more networking tips and strategies.

Remember to check out PapersList for Minnesota-based networking events and connect with Cathy on LinkedIn with a personalized message.

Thanks for tuning in, and we hope you're leaving with actionable insights to enhance your networking game. See you at the next event!