That Guy Your Kid Watches on Youtube

Meet Nick. He's Canadian, fully employed, about to be married...and slowly taking over the gaming world: people actively pay to watch him play video games. The guys spend time learning how to play video games for money, including learning about building a community, defining and playing to your audience, the different ways to make money while streaming video game play content, and more. If you like playing video games and making money, this is the episode for you.



Making money from Streaming videos.

Making money from Streaming videos has become a lucrative opportunity for content creators in recent years. With the rise of social media platforms and the increasing popularity of video content, individuals and businesses have found ways to monetize their videos and generate income.

One notable example of a successful YouTube content creator is MrBeast, who has gained fame and fortune by creating random and entertaining videos on his channel. His unique approach, such as giving away large sums of money or challenging his followers to various tasks, has attracted a massive audience and generated significant revenue through ad revenue, brand partnerships, and merchandise sales.

The podcast transcript introduces MrBeast as someone who does random and hilarious things on his YouTube channel and makes a fortune from it. It highlights one of his videos where he invited 100 of his followers to a mall and gave them a case with $10,000, challenging them to hide and keep the money if they weren't found. This example demonstrates how creative and engaging content can attract a large audience and generate substantial revenue.

The hosts of the podcast, Dave and Trygve, discuss how MrBeast's success caught the attention of Trygve's eight-year-old son, who decided to start his own YouTube channel called Spicy Luigi. This anecdote emphasizes the appeal and accessibility of YouTube as a platform for content creation and money-making opportunities.

To delve deeper into the topic, the hosts invite Nick from Proposify, a long-time friend of the show, who has a successful YouTube channel as a semi-professional Pokemon player. Nick explains the concept of shiny hunting, a popular activity among Pokemon players, where they search for rare and unique versions of Pokemon. He describes how his channel is dedicated to this specific niche and how he earns a good amount of money from it.

This conversation highlights the diversity of content that can be monetized through online streaming. While MrBeast focuses on entertaining challenges and giveaways, Nick's channel revolves around a specific gaming niche. It demonstrates that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to making money from YouTube videos. Instead, finding a niche, creating engaging content, and building a dedicated audience are key factors in generating revenue.

In conclusion, making money from streaming videos has become a viable career path for many content creators. The podcast introduces the success of MrBeast and his unique approach to content creation, as well as Nick's experience as a semi-professional Pokemon player. It highlights the importance of finding a niche, creating engaging content, and building an audience to generate revenue. While the transcript does not provide an in-depth analysis of monetization strategies, it sparks curiosity and opens the door for further exploration of this topic.

Show Notes:
00:02:13 Making money from fun videos.
00:09:04 Community is key in streaming.
00:14:36 Monetization: Platforms value valuable content creators.
00:19:11 Monetizing a gaming channel: memberships, merch, partnerships.
00:22:05 Building a community through streaming.
00:29:40 Building a YouTube channel takes time and dedication.
00:31:26 Attention-grabbing thumbnails and clickbait titles are key.
00:36:23 Maintaining a streaming hobby requires effort.
00:43:56 Passion is key for success.

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