The Dos and Don'ts of Video Marketing for Small Businesses

Listen, we don't do video production, and there's a good reason for it. It's a lot of work, and in today's marketplace it's multidimensional and as critical as ever. So we're talking to Todd Vaske, a longtime video producer, about the why questions: Why is video so important in 2023? What does it take to build a video campaign? Most importantly, what is a food stylist?



Show Notes:
00:05:01 Know your audience before filming.
00:05:57 Importance of targeting audience.
00:13:50 Video production requires careful planning.
00:19:11 Good audio is crucial.
00:24:36 Collaboration is key.
00:31:46 Plan ahead for successful videos.
00:32:04 Efficient planning maximizes video production.
00:41:12 Choose a producer who asks questions.
00:43:21 Professional videos for big audiences.

Show Transcripts


This episode delves into the reasons why BizzyWeb doesn't offer video services and features Todd Vaskey, an expert in videography from Agile Video. The hosts acknowledge the growing demand for video services but explain that BizzyWeb refrains from offering them due to the complexity and expertise required. Todd Vaskey highlights the importance of understanding the target audience and storytelling in video production. He also emphasizes that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to creating compelling videos, and professional videographers can assist in the storytelling process. The hosts inquire about tips for small businesses interested in producing engaging videos, and Todd recommends investing in a microphone and avoiding using a phone to shoot videos. Overall, the episode provides valuable insights into the challenges and benefits of video production for small businesses.

The episode underscores the significance of planning and preparation in video production. The hosts caution against taking a haphazard approach to video production, which can result in missed opportunities and an incoherent final product. They suggest creating a shot list and planning ahead to ensure that all necessary shots are captured and the video tells a cohesive story. Additionally, the hosts stress the importance of professional audio and music in video production, advising that investing in these elements is worthwhile to achieve a polished and professional final product. They recommend procuring one's audio and music to avoid any copyright issues.

According to the podcast episode, professional video production is often viewed as a significant investment, but it can be more affordable than people assume. The hosts suggest investing in audio and music to ensure a professional-quality video. They also mention that animation can be a cost-effective alternative to video production. The hosts emphasize that storytelling is a crucial aspect of professional video production, and professionals can guide clients in telling their story in an engaging manner. In general, the hosts suggest that professional video production can provide a valuable return on investment for businesses and individuals seeking to create high-quality content.