The Gunn Show: A Conversation on Customer Experience

In this episode of Dial It In, hosts Dave and Trygve explore the concept of customer experience and its importance in business. They are joined by Melissa Gunn, the director of customer experience at Proposify, who shares her insights and strategies for delivering exceptional customer experiences. Tune in to learn how customer experience can make a significant impact on the success of a business.



In the episode, Melissa Gunn, the head of customer experience for Proposify, discusses the competitive advantage of empathy in customer success. She emphasizes the significance of treating customers as people and connecting with them on a human level. Melissa believes that this approach sets Proposify apart from other companies in the industry, creating a more personal and collaborative relationship with customers through caring and empathy.

Melissa also emphasizes that while numbers and efficiencies are important, Proposify prioritizes treating its staff as people. This approach is embedded in the company culture and extends beyond customer interactions. By treating employees with empathy and respect, they are better equipped to provide the same level of care and empathy to customers.

The episode also highlights that technology cannot replace the human connection. While Proposify offers software to streamline the sales process and facilitate electronic document signing, the guest emphasizes that the human interaction and empathy are crucial. The technology enhances customers' lives, but it is the human touch that truly enhances the customer experience.

Overall, the episode underscores the value of empathy in customer success and how it gives companies like Proposify a competitive advantage. By treating customers and employees with empathy, Proposify builds strong relationships, fosters loyalty, and differentiates itself in the industry.

In the episode, the hosts discuss the importance of authenticity and genuine interactions in both internal and external relationships. They highlight the need for employees to feel comfortable being themselves and not conforming to a corporate persona. The hosts believe that when employees are allowed to be authentic, it creates a more trusting and supportive environment.

To foster this culture of authenticity, the hosts mention that they start by discussing the company's values with new employees. One of their key values is starting with a full trust battery, which means giving employees autonomy and allowing them to be themselves. They encourage employees to discard their corporate tone and contact center voice, emphasizing the importance of genuine communication.

The hosts also emphasize the significance of treating employees as individuals. They believe that within the service industry, it is not always common for staff to be treated with empathy and kindness. They strive to create an environment where employees feel supported and understood, which in turn translates into how they treat customers. The hosts mention that they lead by example, ensuring that the same level of authenticity and support is extended to customers.

Furthermore, the hosts discuss how empathy is a competitive advantage for their company. They believe that empowering customers and fostering a sense of caring and empathy is essential for building a strong brand. They mention that treating employees as individuals is a key aspect of fostering empathy, as it sets the tone for how they interact with customers. The hosts emphasize that their customer experience is human-first, focusing on establishing trust, creating partnerships, and genuinely caring for their customers. They also mention the importance of being quick and knowledgeable in addition to being authentic, as they understand the need for customers to efficiently move on with their day.

Show Notes:
00:00:00 Customer experience drives business growth.
00:07:37 Make sales process seamless and engaging.
00:18:38 Treating customers like people matters.
00:18:41 Treat people like people.
00:25:37 Human-first customer experience is key.
00:37:12 Customer success through personalized touch.
00:41:27 AI as a tool, not solution.
00:45:18 Human connection is irreplaceable.

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