The Power of Planning: Supply Chain Strategies

I mean, WE know all about the "supply chain" and what it all means, but, asking for a friend...what is that, and why does it matter, and why does everybody and everything get blamed for it? Join us and expert Emily LeVasseur teaches Dave and Trygve the basics of Supply Chain and how it affects you personally and professionally.

In this episode, we cover:

  • What is the supply chain?
  • What causes supply chain disruptions?
  • The current state of the supply chain
  • How it impacts every business (even if you’re service-based, not product-based)
  • And more…



Show Notes:
00:02:20 Supply chain is important.
00:10:00 Global supply chain disruption.
00:13:26 Plan ahead for the supply chain.
00:19:03 Manage inventory early.
00:26:44 Supply chain optimization for toilet paper.
00:31:58 Supply chain disruption due to conflict.
00:32:30 Plan for supply chain disruptions.
00:40:02 Take strategic control of the supply chain.
00:47:42 Hire a consultant for guidance.
00:47:58 Implement better practices.

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