The Truth Tastes Funny

The truth doesn't always hurt, but sometimes it tastes a little funny. Today we talk to Hersh Rephun about creating a genuine authenticity in your approach to the business world, including laughter, branding, and how hard, yet how critically important it is to be funny today.



Hersh Rephun initially started a podcast called "Truth Tastes Funny" which did not align with their professional background. Despite lacking experience in mental health, wellness, or personal development, Hersh Rephun decided to give it a try, believing it could potentially generate more income than their stage show. Surprisingly, the podcast gained traction, attracting an audience and receiving positive reviews.

During this time, Hersh Rephun had an epiphany that their branding work, which focused on selling the truth, could be incorporated into a podcast that reflected their professional expertise. Recognizing the genuine and heartfelt nature of "Truth Tastes Funny" and the credibility it brought to delivering brand truths, Hersh Rephun conceived the idea of blending comedy and branding in a podcast that showcased their survival and thriving skills in a chaotic world.

Hersh Rephun's work caught the attention of Kyle Sullivan from Pantheon FM, a podcasting network for podcasters, who recognized the unique blend of comedy and branding. Although Hersh Rephun already had a logo for their branding work, they saw an opportunity to create a podcast version of "Truth Tastes Funny" that centered around surviving and thriving in a chaotic world. Hersh Rephun believed that infusing tough human stories with comedy could make the truth more digestible and help people accept and cope with it. With guidance from Kyle and Josh Tapp, the founder of Pantheon FM, Hersh Rephun embarked on their podcasting journey, joining a group of novice podcasters. Despite the lack of immediate monetization prospects due to the subject matter of mental health, wellness, and personal development, Hersh Rephun remained passionate about the podcast and committed to putting in the necessary effort.

Throughout the episode, Hersh Rephun realized that truth played a central role in both their initial podcast, "Truth Tastes Funny," and the one that reflected their professional work. They emphasized how truth can sometimes be strange and amusing, but it is something we must acknowledge and confront. Hersh Rephun also highlighted that all their branding work is built upon the principle of selling the truth. They firmly believed that one cannot escape the truth of who they are and what their brand represents, so it is better to embrace it and present it in the best possible light.

Furthermore, Hersh Rephun acknowledged that the genuine and heartfelt nature of "Truth Tastes Funny" provided a solid foundation for delivering brand truths. They believed that authenticity and truthfulness lend credibility, enabling effective communication of brand messages. Hersh Rephun shared that the organic and natural reaction to "Truth Tastes Funny" allowed them to present themselves as a genuine individual rather than a sales-oriented brand representative. They believed that by listening to "Truth Tastes Funny," people could gain a true sense of their character.

Overall, Hersh Rephun recognized the significance of truth in both their initial podcast and their professional work. They firmly believed that embracing and selling the truth is crucial for building a credible and authentic brand.

In this episode, the guest is a serial entrepreneur who derives satisfaction from assisting others in crafting their brand. They particularly enjoy working with businesses that require a personal touch, allowing them to humanize and personalize the brand. The guest emphasized the importance of humanizing a brand and establishing a personal connection between the brand and its customers. They also stressed the significance of truth in branding, asserting that one cannot escape the truth of who they are and what their brand represents. The guest advocated for embracing the truth and presenting it in the best possible way, while also figuring out how to effectively sell this reality. Overall, the guest's passion lies in helping others create authentic and genuine brands that deeply resonate with their target audience.

Show Notes:
00:06:04 Embrace your authentic funny self.
00:09:00 Embrace your choices and leadership.
00:18:06 Enjoy the process of creating.
00:22:00 Listening is key for understanding.
00:28:24 Consider audience perception for branding.
00:30:11 Branding is always personal.
00:41:15 Importance of brand consistency.
00:42:43 Consistency creates brand dependability.
00:48:22 Embrace truth and sell it.
00:55:08 Importance of humor in society.
01:00:39 Finding creativity in everyday tasks.

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