Under New Management Lead Like a Pro with Eric Girard

So they've asked you to become a manager - isn't that great? There's an art and an effort to being a really good manager - we asked Eric Girard about his experiences becoming a new manager and how he failed at it. He failed so hard he owns a consultancy that teaches people just coming into management how to dial it in the first time. Management-curious? Listen in!



Lead Like a Pro: Mastering the Art of Management

In this episode of the Dial It In podcast, host Dave and Trygve interview Eric Girard, author of the book "Lead Like a Pro: The Essential Guide for New Managers." Eric shares his personal journey from being a new and unprepared manager to becoming a successful leader. He emphasizes the importance of learning from mistakes and provides valuable insights and strategies for new managers to thrive in their roles.

The conversation begins with Eric discussing the motivation behind writing his book. He explains that the idea came to him after a potential client asked why he hadn't written a book yet. This comment stuck with him, and he realized that he had valuable knowledge and experiences to share with new managers. Eric dedicated an hour each day for six months to write the book, and with the help of editors, he transformed his ideas into a valuable resource for new managers.

Eric highlights the challenges faced by new managers, particularly those who are promoted from within their team. He emphasizes that being a great individual contributor does not automatically translate into being a great manager. Many new managers struggle because they lack the necessary skills and training to lead and manage people effectively. Eric's book and courses aim to bridge this gap and provide new managers with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed.

One of the key topics discussed in the episode is goal setting. Eric explains the importance of setting SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound) and involving the team in the goal-setting process. He suggests using collaborative methods, such as brainstorming and post-it notes, to gather ideas and ensure transparency. By involving team members in the goal-setting process, managers can foster buy-in and create a sense of ownership among their team.

The conversation then shifts to the topic of empathy in management. Eric emphasizes the importance of building relationships and understanding the needs and perspectives of team members. He introduces the concept of different levels of empathy, ranging from cognitive empathy to compassionate empathy. Eric encourages managers to practice active listening, ask good questions, and show genuine care and understanding for their team members. However, he also emphasizes the need for boundaries and accountability in order to maintain a balance between empathy and performance management.

Delegation is another crucial aspect of effective management discussed in the episode. Eric acknowledges that many managers struggle with delegation due to trust issues and the belief that it's easier to do things themselves. He advises managers to assess their tasks and determine what can be delegated, shared, or must be done personally. Clear expectations, resources, and regular check-ins are essential for successful delegation. Eric also highlights the importance of viewing delegation as an investment and recognizing the expertise and capabilities of team members.

The episode concludes with a discussion on managing change. Eric introduces the change curve model, which outlines the stages of denial, resistance, exploration, and commitment that individuals go through during a change process. He emphasizes the importance of coaching team members through these stages and addressing the "What's in it for me?" question. By providing clear communication, support, and understanding, managers can help their team navigate change more effectively.

In summary, Eric Girard's book and insights provide valuable guidance for new managers seeking to excel in their roles. By focusing on goal setting, empathy, delegation, and change management, managers can develop the necessary skills to lead their teams effectively. Eric's emphasis on continuous learning, self-reflection, and building strong relationships serves as a foundation for success in the dynamic world of management.

To learn more about Eric Girard and his book "Lead Like a Pro: The Essential Guide for New Managers," visit his website or connect with him on LinkedIn. Take the next step in your management journey by exploring the resources and strategies shared in this episode. Remember, leadership is an ongoing process of growth and development, and with the right tools and mindset, you can become a successful and impactful manager.


00:00:05 - Introduction to Dial It In Podcast
00:00:26 - Eric Girard's Journey from Poorly Prepared Manager to Author
00:01:08 - The Inspiration Behind Writing a Book
00:02:11 - The Process of Writing and Publishing
00:03:05 - Transitioning into Management
00:03:55 - The Misconception of Promotion to Management
00:05:00 - Target Audience for Lead Like a Pro
00:06:15 - Developing a Training Course
00:07:11 - Personal Management Experiences
00:07:56 - The Importance of Management Training
00:09:16 - The Return on Investment of Good Leadership
00:10:07 - Learning from Management Mistakes
00:12:08 - The Art of Goal Setting
00:13:03 - Empathy in Management
00:15:46 - Balancing Empathy and Accountability
00:16:46 - The Difference Between Management and Leadership
00:18:18 - The Challenge of Delegation
00:19:14 - Building Empathy Through Experiences
00:20:06 - The Importance of Listening in Management
00:21:37 - Team Building and Empathy
00:22:42 - Delegation as an Investment
00:24:16 - Managing Change in Organizations
00:25:33 - The Change Curve Model
00:26:27 - Feedback and Coaching Frameworks
00:28:13 - Sponsor Message from BusyWeb
00:30:00 - The Relationship Between Management and Leadership
00:31:46 - Strategies for Effective Delegation
00:33:32 - The Constant of Change in Management
00:34:05 - Eric's Background in Teaching and Scuba Diving
00:37:16 - Incremental Teaching in Management and Scuba
00:38:14 - The Las Vegas Rule in Training
00:39:08 - Where to Find Eric Girard and His Book

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